Whether you’re looking for summer events to become a vendor or to partake in the festivities, Sacramento has plenty of things to do. Live music is one of the most popular activities during the summer, but California has so much more to offer. As a leading moving and logistics company in Sacramento, we’ve helped people set up for events of all types, and you’ll find three of the most unique and interesting gatherings below.

California State Fair

The 2017 California State Fair begins on July 14th and ends of July 30th. During this period, visitors can enjoy a range of activities including free concerts nightly, and vendors can set up displays for artisan crafts, artwork, food, and beverages. In addition to enjoying foods from a variety of vendors, be sure to check out the “Best of California,” which celebrates California farmers and their contributions to the food and beverage industry.

Farm-to-Fork Festival

Taste the area’s freshest food by visiting the annual Farm-to-Fork Festival in Sacramento. This festival is free to attend, allowing you to save money to try foods from local vendors. Expose your food or beverage business to a new audience by setting up at this community event. In addition to wine, beer, and plenty of food, there are activities such as live cooking demonstrations, a kid’s zone, and live music.

20th Annual Sacramento Reptile Show

Love reptiles? If so, be sure to check out the 20th annual Sacramento Reptile Show. Held the last weekend in September, the 2017 convention sees the return of the fan favorite venomous reptile display featuring 45 venomous species, including the Black Mamba and King Cobra. Whether you want to go to display your reptiles, sell supplies for pet owners, or to simply view the various reptiles, the Sacramento Reptile Show is the place to be.

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